Wi-Fi – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wollongong City Council offering free Wi-Fi in the City Centre?

Council is introducing free Wi-Fi to help with the rejuvenation and activation of the City Centre as it will bring economic, social and cultural benefits to the city. It will also promote the city as being ‘digitally savvy’.

What is the coverage area for the free Wi-Fi service?

Wollongong City Wi-Fi is available in outdoor areas on Crown Street between Keira and Corrimal Streets, as well as in Globe Lane, and the Arts Precinct (formerly Civic Plaza) on Burelli Street. The free Wi-Fi service will also be extended west along Crown Street to Gladstone Avenue in coming weeks.

What devices can be connected to the Wollongong City Free Wi-Fi service

Any Wi-Fi enabled device can be connected to Wollongong City Wi-Fi. These include mobile phones, tablets, netbooks and laptops. Your device should have an inbuilt Wi-Fi adapter to enable it to connect to our access points. To ensure that this adapter is present, please check your user manual or contact the manufacturer.

What do I need to do to connect to the free Wollongong City Wi-Fi service?

  1. Make sure your wireless enabled device is turned on, and that its wireless signal/switch is activated.
  2. Choose ‘Wollongong City Wi-Fi’ from the available Wireless Network Connection list, and select Connect.
  3. Open your internet browser. The Wollongong City Wi-Fi splash page will appear after a short time.
  4. Read the Usage Policy and Terms. Press accept and continue if you agree!
  5. Please wait for the system to log-on.

Are there any time or download limits?

The time limit is 3 hours and/or a 250Mb download limit per user within any one 24 hour period. When one of these limits is reached, the service will be accessible again after 24 hours.

Are there restrictions to any websites that I can access through the Wollongong City Free Wi-Fi?

Wollongong City Council has taken appropriate measures to restrict illegal or inappropriate content from being accessed on the Council network, wherever possible. At all times, it is the responsibility of the end user to act with caution when using the network. If you find that you are being blocked from legitimate websites by accident, please contact our support helpdesk – to report the issue for it to be investigated further.

Need more information?

Email us at wifisupport@mctsolutions.com.au or call the hotline on 1300 135 302.