Wollongong’s City Centre connects the railway to the foreshore and offers a diverse experience in every direction.

At the centre of the City, the Crown Street Mall is a unique shopping and entertainment precinct.  It’s a great place to shop major and speciality stores, enjoy a range of food and beverage choices, not to mention lane way bars and hidden cafes!  Besides shopping and eating there’s a variety of activites, music, events, cinema, parks, galleries, performance space and more!

Wollongong Central

If you have an enquiry about Wollongong Central or any of the stores located within it, please contact the Wollongong Central Help Desk using the contact details below:

Trading Hours
Phone: (02) 4228 5999
Email: wollongong.central@gpt.com.au
Web: www.wollongong.com

Destination Wollongong

Find things to do, places to stay and many great activities and attractions to suit any and all lifestyles and interests.

Phone: 1800 240 737
Email: tourism@wollongong.nsw.gov.au 
Visit: iHUB, 93 Crown Street, Wollongong NSW 2500
Web: www.visitwollongong.com.au


Photo by CazCaz Nowaczyk/Exposure Arts and Media.