Looking for a highly visible place to run your next promotion or event?

Crown Street Mall is centrally located, and is a great space to hold events, performances or promotions.  The Mall features a small stage and expansive paved areas boasting a high volume of foot traffic.

Flexible spaces and a diversity of functions both day and night allow people to spend time in the Mall, creating a hive of activity.

We welcome and encourage a range of activities in Crown Street Mall, including:

Events and Festivals

This includes private, community or commercial activities which have a considerable number of people attending,  held at a specific time in a particular location, or series of locations within Crown Street Mall. Examples include festivals, concerts, or entertainment shows, just to name a few.

NOTE: This event application does not apply if you intend to hold to a public assembly or rally, that is, where police approval is required.


‘Fundraising’ refers to an activity that requests cash donations, direct debit arrangements or pledges from individuals, groups or businesses for community and/or charity events. It does not include requests for cash or other contributions for an individual’s personal use.

‘Fundraising activities’ include the selling of promotional items, toys, second hand or new goods, food, clothing etc with the stated or declared intention of supporting a charity. Roaming fundraising activities are not permitted in Crown Street Mall.

‘Fundraising representative’ is a person or team of people seeking donations in the Mall on behalf of a not-for-profit organisation or registered charity. Fundraising representatives operating on a commission basis will not be offered a permit.

Due to changes in the mall environment and upcoming events and activities, please contact the City Centre Activation Officer on (02) 4227 7218 to discuss fundraising availability and locations in Crown Street Mall.


‘Promotion’ is any activity that includes any concept that promotes a service or a sample product, and giveaways of sample product and/or sample merchandise.  It does not include selling the product, service or any associated merchandise.

‘Handbill’ includes a placard, notice, book, pamphlet, paper or advertisement other than an advertisement affixed to any building abutting the road, but does not include a newspaper, magazine or book sold by a newspaper vendor or other person authorised by Wollongong City Council, nor any handbill containing material of an exclusively political nature distributed by hand to any person.

More information

Wollongong City Council has a Crown Street Mall Activity Policy which covers all categories of events and promotion.

Apply online to hold an event or festival

To discuss holding an activity in Crown Street Mall, please contact our City Centre Activations Officer on 4227 7111 or email citycentre@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

For further information on applying to hold an event (outside of the Crown Street Mall) visit Council’s website.