Wollongong City Council is working to make our City Centre a better place for people to be – a ‘City for People’.

Over the past few years, Council has worked with the internationally renowned Gehl Architects, and urban design firm McGregor Coxall, to look at how people use our city, and what we can do to make it even better.

The result of this work is A City for People. This is the road map that will help us make Wollongong City Centre more dynamic and vibrant in the years ahead.

Some of the ideas in this plan are long term, but others have already been put into action. Bit by bit, it’s helping Wollongong become a more welcoming regional centre that encourages employment, economic growth and creativity.

Through Council’s City for People (Public Spaces, Public Life) Strategy Study, the community asked Council to consider a range of projects to help revitalise the City Centre.  You can read about these projects below.

Rail Arrival Welcome

Our community suggested that the Wollongong Rail Precinct could use some improvements to add colour and art, and better connect it with the main shopping precinct and foreshore.

In response, Council developed the Rail Arrival Welcome Pilot Project, which includes directional signage, a welcome mural, and art seat panels.

Before (left) and after (right) installation of welcome mural in rail arrival precinct

This pilot project makes the station area more welcoming, and helps create a greater sense of public safety through vibrant public art.

Arts Precinct Sitting Space

Our Arts Precinct on Burelli Street is the cultural hub of the City Centre, surrounded by the Gallery, IPAC and Town Hall. Community feedback suggested that we could add some simple improvements to make the most of this space, such as seating and shade, outdoor art exhibitions and pop-up galleries.

We’ve begun trying out some of these ideas, with Council recently installing the “Sitting Space” Pilot Project. Brightly coloured seating, pavers and plants have been added to create an inviting space for people to sit, eat, drink and relax.

Arts Precinct before (left) and after (right) the sitting space pilot project

Creative Wayfinding pilot sites

Our community told us that they would like us to explore ways to ‘creatively connect’ the City Centre from the rail precinct to the foreshore. So, in response,  we’re testing three different creative wayfinding pilot projects to enhance visual connections around our city, using colour, seating and a contemporary look. Located in Globe Lane, Lower Crown Street, and at the western end of Crown Street (between Atchison and Keira Streets), these projects include:

Lower Crown St Tree Lighting

Coloured spotlights have been projected on to the large trees at the corner of Crown and Kembla Streets to contribute to a more visible and welcoming site at night.

Western Crown Street

The Western Crown site (between Kiera & Atchison Streets) will pilot 4 x colourful Wayfinding Sculptures.  Titled ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, this wayfinding project includes four triangular coloured columns made of coloured plexi glass and steel, placed between Keira and Atchison Streets. Two of the columns incorporate seats for one.

Globe Lane seating and pavement design

Four islands of unique modular seating and vibrant artificial turf have been installed, allowing visitors to Globe Lane to sit and spend time on the ‘islands’ we have created.

Over to you….

We’d love to hear what you think of these pilot projects so far. Let us know by visiting our Have Your Say Page